Entry: BUSY!!! Oct 16, 2003

Hey, I'm very sorry I haven't written in so long but it's not like many people read it anyway so I'm not too worried. In fact, it's quite interesting it is to see who your real friends are in life, and if you really have any. It's funny because so many people say that you lose ur innocence after something like having sex before you're married or something along the lines of that, but people never think of what innocence is lost in just growing up. Innocence is to be na¤ve and ignorant but so many of us are not both. Naivety and ignorance are very different when used seperately. Ergo, learning the stark truths such as learning that not all people that claim to your friends really aren't, is a part of unraveling your innocence. Time to step down off the old sopa crate now... HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS!!! Shawnee High School Marching Band has officially been moved to Open Class instead of A class because we're simply too good! It's a big step for Shawnee. Not to mention we took first place in the Cherokee competition along w/ best music in out division as well as over all, and we had the highest over all score. BITE THIS OAK CREST! Well, BEDY-BY NOW... Later Days, Cantus Amicula QOTD: how many people belive in my theory above? put in a comment if u do or don't!


December 3, 2005   10:24 AM PST
We learn about humanity and its nature as we grow. There's no limit of when we will outgrow our innocence. If you had a tough childhood, you'll have a more mature mind, and vice versa.

Me, now, I learnt just a few weeks ago that friendship is much better than love. I knew it long ago but this is the first time I've truly experienced how horrible is it with love, when you realised that you are no longer in love with him, and when he will not let you go without destroying you first.

With friendship, you know where you are with people and there's always a small distance between so that they can't really hurt you. Even if you've made a mistake, they'll always laugh it off with you and forgive you readily. There's no real jealousy and nobody will do spiteful things to the other. With love now, one small mistake can tip the scales. There's jealousy involved and it can grow into a huge, evil, green monster and destroys you. Ay, I learnt about innocence, alright.
October 17, 2003   02:43 PM PDT
I totally do...i think that whole innocent young people only lasts till the age of 10 if ur lucky...or an only/oldest child. We get screwed out of the ignorance, and when we try, we get in trouble...

and THAT'S why they call us the troubled teens

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