Entry: 2nd PLACE! Sep 29, 2003

Your Music Mistress signing in! Well Shawnee Renegade Marching Band got 2nd Place in our first competition. A little depressing when 1st was litteraly .75 points away! Our next competition is at Lenape so it won't be so hard to move around and have to get changed on buses. And for the High and Low of my day!
HIGH: I almost checked Laura Dyer today! and I had lessons! YAY LESSONS!
LOW: I didn't check Laura Dyer, I had not marching band and am getting mroe and more sick!

This makes me sad, poor Will today kinda got beat up by Laura Dyer cus she CAN'T play soccer if she plays by the rules. And here's another thing I need to get off my chest, I happen to know I will never get Will to see I like him, and nor will anything happen if he did know, so why do I TRY?! I should just give up, and cut my hair all off cus it's just ticking me off! So all in all it was a sucky day, but not the worst, MATH BITES!
Cantus Amicula


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