Entry: I'm Sorry! Sep 27, 2003

Yodel Readers!
I'm sorry I haven't written for a couple days but it's been mayhem! Thursday I had a load of homework, then on Friday I had a game, so we didn't get home till about 10:30. Well, here's some news! To one of what I thought was one of my best friends, I'm not worth 10 hot guys, and she said she'd try to get there, and this was on I think Tues. or Wed.! Oh, well, I guess, I'm just toilet paper trailing after her, at the botton of her shoe.
In further news, my friend who was tested for Leukimia, has been found positive of having it. It's just minor right now, but he can't do any strenuous activities, such as gym, thats going to be crap-in-a-bag!
The competition tomorrow shoul dbe awsome, so long as we preform as well as we did on Fridays game, then we should be set!
~Cantis Amicula


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