Entry: Tuesday, september 23 Sep 23, 2003

Welcome, this is the Music Mistress signin' in! Well, it's now Tuesday Sept. 23, Competition week for Shawnee High School Marching Band! I got the idea for this blog from Leslie who recently started one, and I've also found that this maybe be a good way to vent anger and stress! Well anyone who's in marching band should know what Tuesday means...BAND CAMP!!! In case you actually have been wondering (two bucks says you haven't) the background to the web name Music Mistress is that my life generally revolves around music. I love it! I am in Wind Ensamble, Marching Band, and will be trying out for All South Jersey! While my normal instrument to play(and my on true love) is the Bass Clarinet, I also play a number of instruments such as the Trumpet, Clarinet family(Soprano-Bass), and French Horn, for the entire list just ask! Well, time to go practice my baby (the bass), eat, then leave for wonderful marching band! Cya tomorrow, Cantus Amicula


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