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Oct 16, 2003

Hey, I'm very sorry I haven't written in so long but it's not like many people read it anyway so I'm not too worried. In fact, it's quite interesting it is to see who your real friends are in life, and if you really have any. It's funny because so many people say that you lose ur innocence after something like having sex before you're married or something along the lines of that, but people never think of what innocence is lost in just growing up. Innocence is to be na¤ve and ignorant but so many of us are not both. Naivety and ignorance are very different when used seperately. Ergo, learning the stark truths such as learning that not all people that claim to your friends really aren't, is a part of unraveling your innocence. Time to step down off the old sopa crate now... HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS!!! Shawnee High School Marching Band has officially been moved to Open Class instead of A class because we're simply too good! It's a big step for Shawnee. Not to mention we took first place in the Cherokee competition along w/ best music in out division as well as over all, and we had the highest over all score. BITE THIS OAK CREST! Well, BEDY-BY NOW... Later Days, Cantus Amicula QOTD: how many people belive in my theory above? put in a comment if u do or don't!

Posted at 10:21 pm by CantusAmicula
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Oct 3, 2003

Once again I haven't written in quite a time due to marching band, but I swear it WILL get better! As you must have assumed, between marching Band, school and practicing Bass Clarinet, I don't really have too much time but oh well. Shawnee Renegade Marching Band has yet another competition, this time at Lenape. This competition will be in a different ring from the other competition last week.
It has recently come to my attention that no one really like me for who I am. I mean some people like me for the most part without me doing something out of my character, but with others I have to act stupid, or smart. I can't believe I just noticed!
Enough MOPING! It's not time for bed! Good Night minions!
~Cantus Amicula~

Posted at 11:14 pm by CantusAmicula
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Sep 29, 2003
2nd PLACE!

Your Music Mistress signing in! Well Shawnee Renegade Marching Band got 2nd Place in our first competition. A little depressing when 1st was litteraly .75 points away! Our next competition is at Lenape so it won't be so hard to move around and have to get changed on buses. And for the High and Low of my day!
HIGH: I almost checked Laura Dyer today! and I had lessons! YAY LESSONS!
LOW: I didn't check Laura Dyer, I had not marching band and am getting mroe and more sick!

This makes me sad, poor Will today kinda got beat up by Laura Dyer cus she CAN'T play soccer if she plays by the rules. And here's another thing I need to get off my chest, I happen to know I will never get Will to see I like him, and nor will anything happen if he did know, so why do I TRY?! I should just give up, and cut my hair all off cus it's just ticking me off! So all in all it was a sucky day, but not the worst, MATH BITES!
Cantus Amicula

Posted at 09:04 pm by CantusAmicula
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Sep 27, 2003
I'm Sorry!

Yodel Readers!
I'm sorry I haven't written for a couple days but it's been mayhem! Thursday I had a load of homework, then on Friday I had a game, so we didn't get home till about 10:30. Well, here's some news! To one of what I thought was one of my best friends, I'm not worth 10 hot guys, and she said she'd try to get there, and this was on I think Tues. or Wed.! Oh, well, I guess, I'm just toilet paper trailing after her, at the botton of her shoe.
In further news, my friend who was tested for Leukimia, has been found positive of having it. It's just minor right now, but he can't do any strenuous activities, such as gym, thats going to be crap-in-a-bag!
The competition tomorrow shoul dbe awsome, so long as we preform as well as we did on Fridays game, then we should be set!
~Cantis Amicula

Posted at 10:57 pm by CantusAmicula
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Sep 24, 2003
Wed. September 24, 2003

Howdy yall! Well, all in all, I have to say it was a so-so day minus a minor thing and a very major thing! You'll see what I'm talking about in my High and Low of the day!
High:Wind Ensamble (as usual), and science 'cus it's just plain fun!
Low: Found out that one of my friends is testing for Luikueimia, not to mention, he won't know the results for 1-2 days! Now for my minor low, I got lunch duty nothing compared to my other low, but it's the unjustness of it all!
The truth of it is, I'm pretty sure that I like this guy that I was talking about who's testing for Luikueimia. This is a problem seeing to the fact he has been in love with one of my best friends for oh, I don't know...3 YEARS! Oh well, the Earth continues to turn.
For the Wind Ensamble update, I have my seat placing auditions tomorrow, and I PRAY that I do well on it. Seeing to the fact there are only two of us Bass Clarinetists, the competition is going to make my shake!!!
*This is Cantus Amicula, the Music Mistress, signing off, good night room, good night world, good night nothing, good night noises everywhere.

Posted at 09:26 pm by CantusAmicula
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Sep 23, 2003
Tuesday, september 23

Welcome, this is the Music Mistress signin' in! Well, it's now Tuesday Sept. 23, Competition week for Shawnee High School Marching Band! I got the idea for this blog from Leslie who recently started one, and I've also found that this maybe be a good way to vent anger and stress! Well anyone who's in marching band should know what Tuesday means...BAND CAMP!!! In case you actually have been wondering (two bucks says you haven't) the background to the web name Music Mistress is that my life generally revolves around music. I love it! I am in Wind Ensamble, Marching Band, and will be trying out for All South Jersey! While my normal instrument to play(and my on true love) is the Bass Clarinet, I also play a number of instruments such as the Trumpet, Clarinet family(Soprano-Bass), and French Horn, for the entire list just ask! Well, time to go practice my baby (the bass), eat, then leave for wonderful marching band! Cya tomorrow, Cantus Amicula

Posted at 03:43 pm by CantusAmicula
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